Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday June 28, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen

Its summertime…and a lot is going on in the Town.

Your Council meets this Monday June 29th, first at 6:00 pm for a closed meeting and then at 7:00 pm for Council (Deputation Only). A number of items of interest:
- A brief mention of the withdrawal of our leaf vacuuming service. (Councilors have been asked to get your input before August, so talk to your Councilor soon)
- The Town will receive its 2008 audited financial statement. These reports usually make for dry reading so a few facts of interest. Compared to fiscal 2007 the Town’s:
o operating expenses were up by 5.8%
o capital expenses were up by 29%
o town tax levy for everyone up by 5.6%
- We will review a request by the County to manage “impacted groundwater” flow under Wilson Road from landfill Site #24
- The Town will describe its new dress code

On Wednesday July 1, you should be at Little Lake Park for our annual Canada Day celebration. The weather looks to be damp but the party will be awesome.

Thursday July 2nd sees two meetings. At 7:00 pm is the Public Hearing (You May Speak) into the land use change for the HPP property at the corner of King and Hwy. 12. It is being considered for an LCBO. Later on that evening (at least 7:10 pm) is the PAC meeting (Speak at Discretion of Chair). The agenda includes:
- A discussion of the Report of Site Condition issue affecting Tiffin Pier
- Reports recommending a number of new fees for planning services and sign by-law variances
- An initiative to organize a response to the Province’s call to restrict Midland’s growth and employment prospects

Mark July 15, 2009 for an interesting meeting, especially if you have children. Bryan Peter is going to host a 4:30 pm meeting at NSSRC to tell you about the new “natural playground” planned for Mac McAllen Park.

I could not end this missive without recognizing the passing of a great citizen of our Town, Rev. Cliff Pendlebury. He has touched so many of us. He will be remembered forever.

As I said its summertime. News from the Town is going to get a bit more sporadic for the next two months as vacation gets in the way. I will try to keep you as up to date as I can. Get out and enjoy this wonderful place we know as Midland.

Gord McKay

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