Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesday July 4 2007

I know you all are busy this summer so I will keep this short.

The trail from Hwy. 12 to Bay Street has been penciled in. There are two areas where long term trail commitments are needed from property owners before we have a complete trail. Hopefully that will happen. Planning trails through the rest of the Town will take a least another year.

Huronia Players Theatre:Planning Advisory Committee will be meeting today, Wednesday July 4, at 7pm in the Town Hall. The first presentation will deal with the “new” theatre located at roughly William and Yonge. If you are interested you are most welcome to attend

Work on the 12 story condominium tower is expected to start this fall.

First public meeting was well attended. More to come.

Eastern Waterfront Trail:
Most of the cement waterfront trail is now in place. The last parts of the trail through to highway 12 are being finalized. Hopefully the trail will be ready this summer. The Town has agreed to form a “Trails Committee” to look after our growing trail system. If you want to get involved give me a call.

Gord McKay