Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday January 21, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen

Our weather rollercoaster continues. Lately I have been receiving more calls about cleaning up the sand than to remove the snow.  Such is life in the Town.

The Week Ahead

Monday January 22nd starts at 7:30 am when the NSCFDC hosts Marketing Monday, an education series to help small business learn about marketing fundamentals.  The first event is entitled – “Marketing Foundations – Define your market and develop your marketing plan”. The workshop is free and takes place at Midland public library. Register online at

At 6:30 pm Midland Council holds a closed meeting covering two items – nominations for the Youth Committee and staff changes related to our Service Delivery Review project. At 7:00 pm it’s the regular Council meeting including:

-       Three awards of merit for outstanding citizens

-       A deputation by SSEA on our climate change plan

-       Tender results for a new transit bus

-       Recommendations on snowmobile trails in Midland

-       Preparatory by-laws for the 2018 municipal election

On Tuesday County Council takes place at 9:00 am. Council will learn about the new Georgian College Advanced Technology Innovation and Research Centre.  Later that day at 3:00 pm the Housing Working Group meets at Town Hall.

Wednesday at 2:00 pm our OPP Transition Committee meets to discuss the latest developments. Please see OPP item below.

On Thursday the 25th the Town has scheduled two meetings for you to help us determine the future of our bus transit system. The Transit Operational Review Public Open House will be held from 2 – 4 pm and again 5 – 7 pm at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre. Please attend one of the meetings and/or provide your comments on-line at

Friday sees a meeting of the Physician Recruitment Committee at 8:30 am. The Committee is dealing with the question of whether it is still needed (seems we now have a good supply of doctors) and if so what its go forward plan should be.  Then at 1:00 pm the Cruise Ship Industry  Group meeting reviews the start-up activities for our cruise ship business case project.

Week - End

Saturday January 27

5:00 pm – Robert Burns annual dinner at the Midland Legion

8:00 pm - Sugar and Gold – Stories of the Underground Railroad. This full length stage production is a dynamic musical featuring riveting stories of the Underground Railroad written by Diana Braithwaite, a direct descendant of the first fugitives who arrived in Canada from America. That’s at the MCC.

Sunday January 28

7:30 pm - The Real Rabbie Burns with the Celts, a Celtic music supergroup well-known for their themed shows. Drawing heavily on the back-story, they entertain and amuse with true stories and anecdotes of the real Rabbie Burns.

Council Issues Update


A bit of drama in these final days. The Midland Police Service Board and the four police bargaining units have gotten into some protracted discussions that question whether the transfer will take place as hoped in mid-February. The matter is now before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission who will decide on Monday whether to let the transfer go ahead or delay their approval resulting in a three month delay in moving to the OPP. See attached letter for further details. I will update you Tuesday on what has happened on this important issue.  


Lots of rumors on the potential move of the Keewatin from Port McNicol to Midland. What can be said with some certainty is that the owners of the Keewatin have indicated they will likely have to move the ship and that they would like to keep it in North Simcoe. No information has come to Council on this matter. So while we are all interested in the future of this significant tourism attraction we will have to wait until February when the principals come before Town Council.


Last year the County announced its long term Transportation Plan. It focused on inter-urban connections with the first bus route being from Barrie to Midland. The County plans a soft launch of the service right after Canada Day, with a free introductory service likely until Labour Day. Hopefully early ridership will lead to the long term success of this much needed link.

Gord McKay

The Year for Forging Our Future - 2018


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday January 14, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen

To paraphrase Charles Dickens - It was the coldest of times. It was the warmest of times. And the result has been a significant challenge for our road crews in plowing the streets and removing the excess snow. Many of you have called about the conditions and Public Works is literally moving mountains to get our streets back in good repair. A collective thanks to the men and women who are out all night in -30 degree weather keeping our streets cleared.

The cold weather has also brought a significant increase in the number of fatal fires. They have devastated families as close as Waubaushene. Our Fire Department asks that you make sure you have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home and outside all sleeping areas. Test your smoke alarms monthly. Make sure everyone recognizes the sound of the alarm. Develop and practice a home fire escape plan. Fire prevention is everyone’s job - stay safe!

The Week Ahead

On Monday the Town’s Humans Resources Committee meets at 2:30 pm. The Committee will be addressing some of the recommendations from the Service Delivery Review, and how to better deploy our staff.

Tuesday the 16th I head to Toronto for a meeting with staff at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. This is all in aid of establishing Midland as a long term cruise ship port.

On Wednesday the 17th the Downtown Safety Committee meets at Town hall at 2:00 pm to review how recent changes to programs have affected our collective safety. Over at the Midland Cultural Centre, “A Day in the Life” will host sports personality Rod Black. Rod has been hailed as one of Canada’s most recognizable and distinguished sportscasters. Having worked for both CTV and TSN, Rod has been involved in hosting and announcing almost every sport: hockey, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, figure skating, golf, curling, boxing, auto racing and horseracing. He was involved as host or announcer at the 1992, 1996 and 2012 Summer Olympics. A Day in the Life starts at 7:30 pm.

A quieter close to the week. On Thursday I visit Father Knox, Director of the Martyr’s Shrine to discuss how we can work together in welcoming the many visitors to our area.  And on Friday I am at County for the 9:00 am meeting of the Housing Advisory Committee. This meeting will recommend our affordable housing targets for the next 3 years.

Week - End

Saturday January 20

-       8:00 pm - ABBA magic at the MCC. Your chance to enjoy all the ABBA classics


Three items you may find interesting.

1)     Midland’s 2017 building permits totaled $34.9M, compared to $28.6M in 2016. While year over year comparisons have to be taken with a grain of salt, this still represents significant growth in development activity – and a vote of confidence in our municipality.

Within those numbers are 27 new single detached and 50 new second suite housing units.  Second suites represented 59% of all housing units created and has become a major contributor to resolving our affordable housing shortage.

2)     Hospice Huronia has come up with a novel fund raising method – an annual “No-Golf Tournament”.  So don’t come out and play. Just register with Hospice Huronia - $125 each or $500 for a foursome  - and then spend your time doing nothing. You can donate at  An anonymous donor will match all funds raised up to a maximum of $25,000. The No-Golf date is January 20th, rain or shine.

3)     It’s not every day that our Butter Tart Festival gets a mention in the New York Times…  Pretty cool.

In closing something for your calendar.

NSCFDC is starting a Marketing Monday education series. This series of free programs takes place from 7:30 to 9:00 am at the Midland Public Library.  Upcoming lectures are:

-       January 22nd - Marketing Foundations – Define your market and develop your marketing plan

-       January 29th - Networking – Identify local networking opportunities and how to become a star networker

-       February 5th - Traditional Marketing – How to use the basic channels – radio, print, TV, web

-       February 12th - Social Media – Choosing the right platform and getting results

Gord McKay

The Year for Forging Our Future - 2018


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday January 7, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen

I hope that you survived the “Deep Freeze of O-18”.  When the snowmobilers tell you it is too cold to go sledding you know that it’s cold. With the freeze behind us, the Town is back to work.

The Week Ahead

Monday January 8th starts at 10:00 am with a meeting of the Aboriginal Relations Advisory Committee at Town hall.  At 2:00 pm the Midland Accessibility Advisory Committee meets.

At 7:00 pm, it’s the General Committee of Council.  A very short agenda with one critical topic - a report from the Governance Review Committee on recommended changes to many of the Town’s committees. We currently have over 40 committees that municipal Council and staff participate in. More committees are likely to be added as we deal with new services, such as the new Municipal Services Corporation that will look after the Midland Bay Landing development.  While the report recommends keeping most of the Committees it emphasizes the need for an improved “Terms of Reference” for each committee. The Terms of Reference are Council’s “marching orders” to ensure a committee is properly tasked and responsive to the overall direction of the Town.

Tuesday the 9th features the first County Council meeting of the month at 9:00 am in Midhurst. Then at 6:00 pm, the Midland Public Library is hosting an “Arteprenuer” information session.  This County-wide program helps equip independent artists, arts administrators and creative entrepreneurs with vital business skills needed for success across all arts disciplines and industries. The session is open to all.  And at 7:00 pm the Midland Heritage Committee meets at Town hall, also open to all.

On Wednesday the 10th Councilors will participate in interviews throughout the day on our transit operations. The review was directed by Council last year to ensure that we have the bus services and resources to serve the people of Midland.

At 7:00 pm the Planning and Development Committee takes place at the Town. The agenda includes;

-       A Public Meeting (you may speak) regarding a zoning change request from Oz Developments to permit office use in their building at 1000 Wye Valley Rd.

-       Kaitlin will present their new vision for the Bayport development

-       Staff reports on the three recent zoning by-law public meetings:

o    Hanson Lands zoning changes for their Hwy 12 development

o    Lot separation at 344 Fuller

o    De Santis application for a residential building at 281 Midland Ave.

-       Site plan review for Bourgeois Leasing development at 290 Cranston Cres.

Thursday starts in Orillia as the North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN, the County and local mayors meet to discuss area healthcare services. The meeting focus will be on:

-       Involving local government in health care capital decisions

-       Providing better at-home healthcare supports to those not able to care for themselves

At 4:30 pm the Committee of Adjustments meets at Town Hall. You are welcome to attend.

Friday January 12th at 10:00 am, the OPP Transition Committee meets at Town hall. This Committee oversees the transition of our policing service from the MPS to the OPP.

Week - End

Sunday January 14

-       10:00 am - Connexus Church celebrates its formation with a gathering at the Galaxy theatre. (You may already be aware of Connexus as they provided the music we enjoyed at our downtown Christmas tree lighting)

Council Issues Update


The Town has now received an Agreement in Principle from the Ontario Civilian Policing Commission to transition to the OPP. They are still looking for full certainty that the Town will properly respect termination details for existing MPS contracts. Still anticipating the transition to occur in mid-February


I want to end on a note showing the true “Spirit of Midland”.  Kevin Leonard through his association with the Ys-Men’s club, has led the organization of the Midland “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Campaign” over the last two years. This Campaign seeks to stop violence towards women - all funds going to our local women’s shelter , Rosewood.

Recently Rosewood launched its new social enterprise – Operation Grow.  Operation Grow is a high-tech urban farm that provides a safe environment for Rosewood clients while making fresh locally grown greens available to our community all year long. Kevin has again stepped forward by having his firm Huronia Alarm & Fire Security donate the access control security system to the Operation Grow facility.

Thank you to Kevin, Huronia Alarms and the Ys-Men for all they do for Midland.

Gord McKay

The Year for Forging Our Future - 2018


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday December 31, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen

Standing upon the threshold of 2018, a pause to reflect upon the lessons of the year past and anticipate the bright promise of the year to come.

Many of you have commented that things have been changing in Midland over the last few years. More housing is being built, more jobs are being created, bigger summer festivals and many new residents who are now calling Midland home.  These changes did not “just happen”. This progress has been as a result of the planning and hard work of many citizens, businesses and yes your Town Council and Staff. Setting Midland’s new course has been challenging, requiring difficult decisions to be made, but it was absolutely necessary for the future success of our community.

2018 is upon us and with it a test of our commitment to continue building our future. That commitment will be shown in many ways – by downtown merchants investing in their shop fronts; by our openness to newcomers and new ideas; by helping our neighbors who need a hand; by community leaders making the hard decisions that benefit all Midland residents. 

2018 is an election year both provincially and municipally. On the provincial level you will have a real choice to make in North Simcoe. The first challenge will be to set aside the easy decision, the “I have always voted for  ...…” decision, and take the harder path by asking “Which candidate is best able to serve me, my family and my Midland”.  Midland needs a provincial representative who will support and provide the resources for our drive to become a thriving urban community.

In October it’s the municipal election – your vote will set the Town’s course for the next four years. If you like how Midland has been developing recently, vote for those candidates who have been actively trying to help the Town and community implement its current vision.  Ask tough questions and expect direct meaningful answers. Find out how they will deal with the key issues facing our Town – building our local economy, providing access to healthcare, improving Town services and our protecting our Georgian Bay environment. And if you feel the calling, be the candidate.  Public office has its challenges but where else can you take a lead role in shaping the future for the 17,000 people who live in our Town.

The coming year will challenge each and every one of us. You get to decide on the direction you will take and how much you want to be involved. Whatever you decide, you will make 2018 the Year for Forging Our Future.

The Week Ahead

A very quiet first week of 2018.  The Town office is closed on Monday January 1st.  Canadian Blood Services is holding a blood donation clinic at the NSSRC from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

On Tuesday we raise the Crime Stoppers flag at noon. And on Thursday at 9:00 am the Governance Review Committee meets at Town Hall.

That’s it.

Council Issues – Looking Forward to 2018

Service Delivery Review

The Service Delivery Review Report’s 68 recommendations from the staff and public will be turned into a three year implementation plan.  The first phase will focus on “back office” improvements primarily in Treasury and Information Technology.  Look for regular status reports throughout the year. Also look for new services to be announced from time to time – eg. Buying your Fire Permit online as opposed to coming into the Town hall.


The Town will hear from the Ontario Civilian Policing Commission shortly, likely approving of our transfer to the OPP. Those MPS officers who want to transition to the OPP will start their training in February and then be back on Midland streets wearing an OPP patch later in the month

Midland Bay Landing

The Town will likely finalize its new Municipal Services Corporation by April. It will then start looking in earnest for a new development partner. Hopefully that partner will be in place by fall 2018. Please follow the Town website for developments.


The Ontario Energy Board is still reviewing the sale agreement. No issues have been raised to date. Expect the transaction to close in the spring. We will keep our MPUC name for the foreseeable future, even as our hydro is delivered through Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution.

Downtown Health Clinic

Construction will continue through the winter. Optimistically the clinic will be open by December 2018.


The new ER expansion should be completed by summer of 2018. The new 16,000 square foot mental health wing will start construction, hopefully in 2018.


The 2018 budget process starts publically on Feb 22nd. The budget should wrap up by the end of March.


The Official Plan Review process is on pause as staff continues to review new directives from the province. Two major developments that will require further work are the prescriptive Natural Heritage System designation and the consolidation of more of our municipal planning authority at the County level.

Other Items for 2018

·         New Georgian Bay District High School should open for the fall term in 2018

·         The owners of the Keewatin are likely to make a proposal to the Town to move the vessel to our shore

·         Lots of housing starts are in the works. Look for work to start on the “Seasons on Little Lake” development on Hwy 12

·         Lots more commercial development including the new Honda location and Montanas at the Mountainview Mall.

·         A report on the road diet trial will be considered along with a recommendation that the Yonge Street pilot be extended to Hwy 93

·         Lots more summer festivals in 2018 including Butter Tart; Feast Fest; RibFest; TugFest

·         And don’t forget the municipal election in October


In closing two items that show Midland continues to punch above its weight.

John Hauser, a local resident and biking enthusiast, has been singularly successful in building the annual Cyclo-cross event at Little lake Park. He recently made representation to the international cycling authorities and Midland has been selected as the venue for the “Masters Pan-Am Cyclo-cross Championship”. Midland takes to the world stage thanks to John’s passion and hard work.

More cruise ships are coming in 2018 and its time to get serious about making cruising a key part of the port of Midland. The province has just granted the Town $250,000 to conduct a study on its behalf on the developing cruise industry in the Great Lakes. The Town will lead a group of 7 other Great Lakes ports in establishing an industry business case, in particular determining what infrastructure changes are needed to Midland and the other ports. Please see attached Media Release.

Gord McKay

The Year for Forging Our Future - 2018


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday December 17, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen

Despite the many supportive comments I received in response to last year’s Christmas doggerel,

(see ),  I have decided to spare you that seasonal flourish this year. I will turn instead to another Christmas tradition - a review of the year past.  And to avoid looking like an “everything is rosy” list I will try to keep it in balance.

In January last year, News from the Town proclaimed 2017 to be The Year for Getting it Done.  So, what have we done?

1)     Right at the start of the year, Council made the decision to sell our power utility, MPUC. The sale will significantly reduce the business risk the Town was facing in owning a small utility, plus it allows the Town to establish a trust fund of $22M to be used on a revolving basis to promote infrastructure projects and keep taxes low.

2)     The year also started with a commitment to review and improve our Town services, engaging both staff and the public in the change process.  The “Midland Forward” report identified general challenges and opportunities. The Town then undertook a thorough Service Delivery Review which has resulted in 68 recommendations for improvement. For me the most significant of these was to invest in our future in Information Technology. Specifically, establish two senior positions to guide our technology development and implementation

While this was going on, a number of key staff positions were filled:  Director Human Resources; Director Corporate Services; Director Engineering; Manager of Water/Waste-Water; Manager of Communications.  Look for the impact of these changes to become evident in 2018.

3)     Many of you commented that Midland has never had so much summer fun as we did in 2017. We were treated to the Butter Tart Festival, the Big Yellow Duck, RibFest, Feast Fest, ZuchiniMani and Tugfest. Staff is already planning for more fun next year.

4)     2017 saw 15 cruise ship visits. While 2018 does not look like it will be as busy, we are taking a lead role with the province to develop a long term strategy that will keep the cruise ships coming to Midland for years to come.

5)     Downtown revitalization was a major focus of Council and staff. Much of the energy was spent in finalizing concept plans and making sure we have the capital resources to proceed with major works in 2019.  Early signs are starting to appear with new stop signs at King and Elizabeth, new parking spots along Bayshore and the “road diet” initiative along Yonge Street.

6)     We nearly had a microbrewery in Midland with Barnstormers expressing strong interest in moving into our downtown. Unfortunately the site proved to be contaminated and they were unable to complete the deal. The Town is now taking steps to ensure the environmental concerns are addressed. I expect to see Barnstormers back in Town in the near future.

7)     The decision was made to change our policing to the OPP, with the actual transfer date set for February 2018. While we have been well served by the MPS, this change provides Midland with an equivalent level of policing and an operational cost savings of about $1M per year. I expect most of the officers who have served us well to be continuing their service under the OPP.

8)     Healthcare in our community got a big boost this year. The long awaited Downtown Health Centre started construction on Bayshore. The Centre will provide much improved access to health services for our downtown residents when it opens in December 2018.

Also Georgian Bay General Hospital received much needed funding to expand the ER and add 20 new mental health care beds. These projects should complete next year. And I would be remiss without noting that Gail Hunt joined the hospital team as the new CEO.

9)     Keeping with the healthcare theme, Jarlette Health Services has started work on their new long term care site on Yonge Street.  They are building a geriatric campus next to Little Lake, providing our community with a state of the art facility to care for our elderly.

10)  On the economic development front, the investment by the four North Simcoe municipalities in EDCNS and our economy continues to pay off. Though the leadership of EDCNS our manufactures are now actively collaborating on common challenges, in particular hiring skilled staff. This past year saw over 100 individuals placed with our local companies. They are now out looking for 200 more!  And of course Streit Manufacturing moved into the vacant Pillsbury site.

Our improving economy is reflected in our retail stores. Our downtown and Mountainview Mall are looking a lot more prosperous these days.

11)  Affordable housing saw both good news and bad. Midland has a County-set target of 90 new affordable housing units to be built by 2024. The good news is that we are well ahead of target and looking to surpass it. The housing type known as “second units” proved contentious with some residents but was resolved by allowing second units with a minor restriction on floor space. The bad news is that the recent increase in housing prices is reducing the number of affordable units in our community.

12)  The challenge of housing was addressed in part with the Guesthouse opening at their new downtown location. After some growing pains they seem to be settling into their new premises. As mentioned above, the lack of affordable housing is making the Guesthouse more needed than ever.

13)  Right at the end of the year Council voted to implement a “Municipal Services Corporation” – an arm’s length corporation to manage the development of our Midland Bay Landing project. The MSC will give this multi-year $100M plus project a stable management framework to develop our key waterfront neighbourhood.

14)  I would be remiss not to acknowledge the unheralded everyday work of our staff in building roads, plowing sidewalks, cleaning your water, marrying our young couples and the myriad other tasks they perform throughout the year. It is our talented staff who makes this Town work.

It has been a busy year. The above accomplishments would not have been possible without the positive cooperation among staff, Council and our many good citizens.  I am proud to be mayor of such a caring community that is working so actively to build its future.

And something to look forward to in early 2018.  The lands in Port McNicol where the ship Keewatin has been tied up have been sold. The Keewatin has to move and one possibility is to have it come to Midland harbor. Should be an interesting discussion in 2018.

The Week Ahead

A very quiet week in the run up to Christmas. On Tuesday December 19th at 7:00 pm I will be at the Guesthouse for a Celebration of Life for one of their long-time residents. He was one of the family to those who have spent time there.

On Wednesday the 20th, you are invited by the Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre to enjoy their Community Christmas Dinner.  This annual expression of community spirit will take place at their Yonge Street location from noon to 5:00 pm. It’s free.  Please come and meet some of your fellow Midlanders.

Christmas Week

A few items to note.

Town offices will be closed from Monday, December 25, 2017 to Monday, January 1, 2018. 

Bruce Stanton MP has organized a free public skate for December 31st from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre, 527 Len Self Blvd.

Our Library is hosting a creative teen event - the Teen Boss Roundtable RALLY.  The event brings together youth who want to make a difference in their community for a fun event featuring music, bingo, winning prizes and starting to shape youth activities in and around the Library. The event takes place Tuesday January 2nd from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. For more info contact Jennifer Paquette the new Teen Services coordinator or 526-4218 ext. 3307.  


A very Merry Christmas to you, your family and loved ones.  Be back in 2018.

Gord McKay

The Year for Getting It Done - 2017


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday December 10, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen

Not sure if it is the snow but a pre-Christmas quiet seems to be descending upon the Town. Nonetheless lots of happy shoppers visiting the many new shop fronts along downtown King Street.

The Week Ahead

A quieter week opens on Monday the 11th with a 6:30 pm closed meeting at the Town to deal with a number of personal matters – mainly appointments to Committees. At 7:00 pm you are invited to attend the last Council meeting of the year. Due to the Christmas break we are combining the December General Committee and Council meetings into this evening. The agenda includes:

-       Awards of 10 and 25 year service pins to 6 staff members

-       Deputation by Rotary for the 2018 Party on the Dock – summer is never far away

-       A number of procedural matters to ensure that the Town can continue to operate into the new year

-       Direction to staff in response to provincial changes to the Municipal Act. These include developing a Code of Conduct and appointing an Integrity Commissioner

On Tuesday I really get into the Christmas spirit as I take over the Salvation Army bells and kettle at our local Canadian Tire. Please drop by, starting at 6:00 pm.

On Thursday December 14th at 3:30 pm the Governance Review Committee meets at Town Hall. Then at 7:30 pm at the MCC, A Day in the Life interviews Fr. Michael Knox SJ.   Fr. Knox is a Roman Catholic priest in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and has been the Director of Martyrs’ Shrine and Superior of the Jesuit Community in Midland since February 2016.  A truly accomplished gentleman with a Honours B.A. in history, a diploma in philosophical studies, an MA in history, a Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology, a Master of Divinity, a License in Sacred Theology, an MA in Theology, and a DPhil in history at Oxford University. Also at 7:30 pm our Physician Recruitment Committee and our new young docs host their Christmas gathering at Tiffin House.

Friday the 15th and Patrick Brown MPP invites you to his Christmas social at his Midland office, 354 Midland Ave. At 8:00 pm you will want to take in the Blues Brothers Christmas at the MCC. Backed by a smokin' hot 7 piece band, these boys are sure to get your toes tapping.

Week - End

Sunday December 17

-       7:30 pm - Songs from around the Bay by Nonie Thompson at MCC. This concert will be performed 'festival workshop' style, with guests Adrien Robitaille, Brian Cusson, Karen Warner, and  Sarah Watt all on-stage together swapping songs about Georgian Bay

Council Issues Update

Downtown Health Clinic

As you may have noticed construction has started at the Bayshore site. It will carry on throughout the winter, weather permitting, with occupancy still slated for December 2018.


Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) has begun Phase 3 of renovations for its Emergency Department (ED). This final renovation phase will include a new main waiting room, a new See & Treat area for sub-acute patients and a new ED administration area. Phase 3 is expected to last approximately six months.

Given the limited space and an expectation the ED will be busy this winter due to flu season, GBGH is asking patients to be accompanied by only one person when visiting the ED. And to really help out - get you flu shot.

Gord McKay

The Year for Getting It Done - 2017