Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday January 24, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen

The sounds of Wintertime – the hum of snowmobiles; the scraping of car windshields; a quiet moment listening to the chirp of a chickadee – Gotta love it.

Some 300 people crowded into the NSSRC this past week for the first public presentation on the operational situation at our hospital. While much of the discussion focused upon the potential loss of obstetrics at the hospital, the report laid bare that there were problems in many areas. A lot to be done to get our GBGH back to where it should be. Its success is critical to our future. Three more public meetings this week – then the tough work begins.


Monday the 25th sees three meetings at the Town. At 5:00 pm is a closed Council meeting to discuss personal matters. The at 5:30 (approximately), Council will come out into a special open meeting to discuss the impact of the recent departure of the CAO, consider replacement options and identify how we will focus our energies to ensure the business of the Town continues to go forward.  

At 7:00 pm is the regular January Council meeting.  A short agenda including:

-       Three deputations:

o    Review of Culture Midland activities with Fred Hacker

o    Presentation by Askennonia

o    Proposal for the third waiting shed at our Town dock by the Museum

-       Update on our upcoming 55+ Summer games

-       Two motions brought forward by Councilors:

o    Development of a Youth Committee

o    Town-wide traffic calming

Also at 7:00 pm is the GBGH operational review meeting at the Penetanguishene Memorial Community Centre.

Tuesday January 26th at 9:00 am, it’s the County Council in Midhurst. Then at 2:00 pm at the Town is the meeting of the North Simcoe Housing Working Group. 

At 7:00 pm is the GBGH operational review meeting at the Wyebridge Community Centre in Tiny. Also that evening at 7:30 pm it’s a Day on the Life at the MCC. Fred will interview Nicole Moore who in 2011 survived a malicious shark attack in waist deep water at a Cancun beach.

On Wednesday January 27th at 1:00 pm Georgian College reconvenes its “community engagement” group to assess how the college can have a greater impact upon its local communities. This discussion is vital to our future as a well-educated populace is essential to our economy and job creation. At 7:00 pm is the GBGH operational review meeting at the Victoria Harbour Oakwood Community Centre in Tay.

Thursday the 28th sees two interesting meetings.  At 3:00 pm the four mayors will meet with Karen McGrath at GBGH to discuss the operational review. The report identified some major fixes that had to occur.  The mayors want to ensure that an effective recovery plan is in place and the citizens of North Simcoe are properly engaged in its delivery. This is the time we all need to rally around our hospital.

At 7:00 pm Midland entrepreneurs and those with a home-based business are invited to a workshop at the NSSRC.  Council, recognizing the shift to smaller especially home-grown business, wants to change our by-laws and remove unnecessary constraints. Come out and have your say in how we make Midland more supportive of our home-based businesses.



-       8:15 pm “Laugh It Up” fundraiser at Midland Legion. A great evening of stand-up comedy. All monies go to a future splash pad for our children.

-       8:00 pm Buddy Holly tribute at the MCC

Council Issues Update


Council will discuss the budget plan for 2016 at the special meeting on Monday the 25th. I anticipate the budget will be wrapped up in February.


The Wye Marsh is undergoing a re-visioning process and they need your input.  The link (following) is to a very short online survey that will help them immeasurably:

Gord McKay

Your Year for Getting Aboard – Midlands on the Move - 2016


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