Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday April 14, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

Spring - a season of renewal. Midland’s spring is bringing with it a new economic climate. The good news is that we have a game-plan and virtually everyone we have asked is willing to go that extra step to help build a better Midland. Lots of examples below!

On Monday the 16th I expect that the Town will announce its public consultation process that may lead to expanded gaming in our community. It’s a topic with both pluses and minuses, and sometimes emotion. A lot of information will be made available before the public meeting so people will have a good chance to reflect before we decide on what we want for Midland.

Tuesday morning will see me at the Huron Park School breakfast club. Many of us don’t appreciate the number of children showing up for class each day without having had any breakfast.

At 6:30 pm on Tuesday April 17th is a short special meeting of Council (open to the public). This meeting will discuss a modification of to our Letter of Credit process, to allow the Town greater flexibility in working with developers. Then right after that, your Council goes into a closed meeting to learn more about managing meetings.  All part of making your Council better.

On Wednesday April 18th at 5:30 pm Community Living Huronia (CLH) holds a reception to honor its many volunteers. (Did you know that CLH was one of our area’s major employers with some 240 employees?)   

Thursday April 19th at 10:00 am has our Seniors Council meeting at the NSSRC.  This tremendously vibrant group is working with the Town to make sure that the interests of seniors are included in all our decisions. At 7:00 pm that evening at the Town, Council will hold its second pre-budget meeting.  Topics to be discussed include:
-       Leasing Town property for commercial use
-       Increased user fees for non-residents
-       New programs that may generate new revenue for the municipality

And on Sunday April 22nd look for:
-       MS Walk at the NSSRC. Check in at 8:00 am with the start set for 9:30 am
-       At 9:00 am CLH will be at our Town Dock helping clean up the area. Come on down and meet some great fellow citizens as they get Midland ready for spring.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Special Mention  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Katimavik youth will be working with the Salvation Army over the next two months to survey our housing stock and help answer the question of what our needs are for affordable housing.

Gord McKay

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