Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday February 26, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

A truly beautiful day in Midland.  The birds (and snowbirds) are returning from places south. The snowmobilers are pursuing every last bit of snow that they can find. Almost time to trade the snowblower for the rake.

The development of the Midland Vision continues with a workshop on Monday February 27th at at NSSRC.  Staff will report on all of the material collected from earlier sessions and use a roundtable format to further refine the vision.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I will be attending an Economic Development conference in Toronto. A lot of my time in the Town is now focused on developing our businesses and jobs in three key areas – healthcare; smart-manufacture; and tourism. I will write more on this topic and what it means to Midland in the days ahead.

Also on Wednesday February 29th at the Best Western starting at is the Business - Government Services expo. A mini-trade show featuring services provided by government to our area businesses.

Thursday March 1st at at Town Hall is our first 2013 budget meeting.  It may seem that we just finished our budget discussions (and we did) and now is the time to set the objectives for next year. The meeting will look at areas for potential savings and increased revenues. If you have any ideas, please send them in.

Friday March 2nd we get to eat. Garfield Dunlop MPP is hosting his annual Lasagna Dinner at Wye Marsh. Sittings are at , and .  This is always a popular event so you may want to call Garfield’s office or the Wye Marsh to book your preferred seating time.

One last item - please start marking your calendar for the Ontario Winter Games events in Midland in two weeks time.
                       - Air rifle and pistol shooting – March 9th and 10th
                       - Badminton – March 9th through 11th
                       - Men’s Hockey - March 8th through11th

Gord McKay


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