Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday February 12, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

A bit of snow to remind us that winter isn’t quite over. If this trend continues we will have to rethink all of our tourism brochures for Simcoe County.

Monday February 13th at , get ready for a long General Committee meeting at Town Hall. Included in the agenda are:
-          discussion of a statement to be read at the start of Town meetings to help attendees and improve decorum
-          introduction of the 2013 budget process – first meeting Feb 22nd (no rest for the weary)
-          request for the County to review all fire services with the view to improving service efficiency
-          an apparent maneuver by the province to not provide promised relief to Midland on its court costs
-          request by the Ontario Winter Games to waive the fees for events in Midland
-          discussion of what the Town needs by way of tourism services in 2012 and who can provide them

On Wednesday February 15th at I will be attending the Police Service Board meeting in the police station to provide some guidance about Council’s future budget direction.

Thursday February 16th at in Midhurst is the Performance Management Committee Meeting of County Council. Two interesting items:
-          an update on the Georgian Village development in Penetanguishene
-          receipt of a motion from Penetanguishene about the need to investigate the rising cost of OPP policing. This discussion, while focused on the OPP, will also affect our own police service.

On Friday February 17th, I will be meeting with a group of business leaders to discuss the economic model used to guide London Ontario. This information will be used to help develop Midland’s jobs strategy. And if you want to have fun this week-end, make sure you visit Penetanguishene’s Winterrama. For details:


One closing item. This week Canadian municipalities received their 2011 population updates. My perspective on what these mean to Midland can be found at:

Gord McKay

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