Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday January 8, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

With Midland Bay finally frozen, winter can now get underway. For those who travel on the bay please check the Town website regularly for ice-breaking bulletins. Those big ships leave a lot of open water behind them.

Monday January 9th sees the General Committee meeting starting at at Town Hall.  A short but interesting agenda including:
-          a presentation by MPAC about how they come up with your property assessment. Please note, your property will be reassessed as of January 1, 2012 with the change in valuation being phased in over the next four years
-          information about Midland possibly bidding to host the Ontario 55+ Summer Games in 2014
-          updates on Midland gaining ownership of its Town dock this year plus progress on our solar project situated on the roof of the NSSRC

On Wednesday January 11th at , a planning related in-camera meeting will take place.  Then at in the Town Hall is the Planning and Development Committee.  (Note: As of the time of posting the PDC agenda was not available on the Town website. Please look for it later in the week at ) The agenda includes:
-          a report on the Midland Tower development at 303 Midland
-          a proposal to name/rename many of the laneways in the central area of Midland
-          a proposal to bring a number of “stranded residential lots” into plan compliance through the use of a planning tool called  “deeming”. (Sorry about being so unclear.  Please refer to the report on the website above for more information)

On Thursday the venue swings to Midhurst for the County Performance Management Committee.  We will discuss the County maintaining its AA credit rating and the use of e-books in the County, among other things.

And if you have time on Friday January 13th at , please stop be the Town Hall as we raise the  Crimestoppers flag, recognizing our support of this important community program.

Gord McKay

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