Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday June 26, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen

A quiet Sunday morning so a visit to Little Lake Park was in order. The new Community Garden is alive with beans, tomatoes, peas and flowers – no geese – a church service on the bandstand – no geese – a family party overflowing the gazebo. Come down and get in on our best kept secret.

On Monday June 27th at your Council returns to work with an in camera meeting to discuss a land exchange and land acquisition. Then at in the Council Chambers is the regular meeting including:
-          the vote on the new taxi by-law
-          the vote on how to use our 2010 budgetary surplus
-          a discussion on the Santa Clause parade
-          a vote on naming a laneway in honor of the Martels

On Tuesday June 28th at the attention turns to County Council in Midhurst. County Council will discuss Midland’s request for a heavy waste transportation pilot, as well as make a decision on the disposition of the Site 41 lands. Later that day your Mayor and Deputy Mayor will meet with other municipalities who have been designated “urban growth nodes” to discuss common concerns.

Wednesday is graduation day in Midland.  The formal events take place at at St. T’s and MSS. An exciting day in the life of our community.  Drive safely.

Thursday, it’s back to County Council for a strategy session at the County Museum. We will be deciding on such things as the County’s vision and our role in supporting hospitals and assisted housing.

Friday is Canada Day - a day for fun and being out with friends.  Little Lake Park, is the centre for family fun – check out the following link.

And that takes us into vacation time. Your editor will be taking a bit of a break in July and August. News from the Town will be sent when major items break. For regular updates please visit the Midland Town website at In closing I will leave you with a status report – my assessment of how the first six months of Council have gone. Please visit:

Enjoy your summer.

Gord McKay

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