Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday January 10, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen

Sunshine is a wonderful tonic. It almost makes shoveling snow enjoyable.

Your Town Council starts work on Monday at 7:00 pm with General Committee (Written Input). A fairly short agenda including;
- a report on possible changes to the downtown parking arrangements (eg. pay and display, increased fines, etc.)
- an interesting question from the Midland Library Board about how the announced wage freeze affects their staff
- new parking fees for Pete Petterson Park
- possible deferral of the planned purchase of a new bus because of budget
As you can see in the above items, a tighter Town budget is affecting many decisions

On Wednesday January the 12th you have a choice of two events at 7:00 pm:
1) Community Services will hold a public meeting at the NSSRC about the proposed new dog park
2) Zero Waste Simcoe is holding a public meeting at the YMCA Employment Resource Centre about the new waste practices for all of Simcoe County, including Midland. Your chance to help define where your waste ends up.

Other than that, get out and enjoy the winter weather.

Gord McKay

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