Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday September 26, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen

Fall has arrived and with it shorter days and apparently a busier schedule for your Council.

Your Council meets on Monday September 28th first in a closed meeting starting at 5:30 pm and then onto the regular Council meeting at 7:00 pm ((Deputation Only). Could be a long evening with:
- A deputation concerning the difficulties with the Everton Road re-construction
- A deputation on the proposed extension of 8th Street into Little Lake Park
- A deputation to bring the Farmer’s Market downtown
- A By-Law to ban smoking within 10m of a playground
- A By-Law to raise fines to $105 for those putting snow on municipal sidewalks or roads
- A recommendation that the Town fight the appeal to the OMB by the corporation seeking to have a new LCBO on Highway 12
- A recommendation to “designate” the Drummond wall as a heritage property
And if time permits we may even discuss the costs associated with the library construction.

On Wednesday the 30th, Hillcrest Village is welcoming all to the 1:00 pm Open House for its new addition called Heritage Place. Also on Wednesday at 5:30 pm at the Town your Council will start the annual budget process by looking at the capital spending for our departments (You May Not Speak)

On Friday at 7:00 at the NSSRC is the dinner and tribute for Paul Hamelin, our retiring Chief of Police.

Lastly, remember the power outage on the morning of Sunday September the 27th. It will affect all of Penetanguishene and the Hwy. 93 corridor through Midland.

Gord McKay

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