Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Fenruary 11, 2007

A third of the way through February and the days are getting longer and the snow deeper. My thanks to the folks who are making sure our streets are plowed through this non-stop snow.

Last Monday saw our first Snowmobile Committee meeting, ably chaired by Councillor Jeffery. Approximately 20 visitors were there, many wanting to get right into the issues. This organizing meeting gave standing to the snowmobile association (Georgian Bay Snowriders) and the Tiffin homeowners. The Committee also intends to request input from other groups. The date of the next meeting has yet to be determined. Snowmobiling has a long history in our area and I hope these meetings will help build a safe long term trail solution in our community.

The next Town budget meeting has been moved to March 8th at 6pm. At the present time Town staff is using the direction set by Council at the last public budget meeting to refine the draft budget. I hope to get our final tax rate down to no more than 2%, especially given the recent economic statistics from the TD Bank.
- CPI for 2006 for Ontario - 1.8% (indexed pensions)
- mean hourly wage increase for 2006 for Ontario - 1.6% (workers)

Yesterday I received a number of calls from homeowners upset about the ice blocking their driveways from the recent plowing. My wife and I grabbed shovels and went to see. We met a spry WWII vet and over a cup of coffee he told us of his amazing exploits in Normandy. We have a great community here. Get out and enjoy it.

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