Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday February 19, 2007

The snow is definitely getting deep out there – 2 to 3 feet in most places. Saw some guys “para-boarding” (using a steer-able kite to pull a snowboarder over the ice) out on the bay this week. Looked like fun but still haven’t figured how they get back home from the other side of the bay?

The deep snow prevented many of the residents of Aberdeen from getting to their “super” mailbox this week. Art Yung (President of the Tiffin Homeowners) took the matter in hand and contacted the Town and Canada Post. He quickly found out there was some disagreement between the two parties on who is responsible for snow clearance for the mailboxes. While the matter has yet to be fully resolved, folks have pulled together to get the mail delivered. Jerry Jones stepped up and plowed out all the accumulated snow this past Saturday. Thank you Jerry! Doug Baker has agreed that the Town will keep the snow plowed for the rest of the winter. The plan is that before next winter the Town and Canada Post will decide who plows the snow or if the boxes need to be relocated.

A couple of committee notes to pass along:

1) the Active Transportation Committee will have its start-up meeting tonight, Monday February 19, at 5pm at the Town offices. This Committee will deal with how the citizens of Midland can get more physically active and make Midland a healthier place to live.

2) the Snowmobile Committee has not announced the date of its next meeting but we should know this week.

3) the next Budget Meeting is March 8th, 6pm at the Town Office. This meeting will summarize many of the budget changes and likely discuss this year’s tax rate.

If you can participate in any of these meetings, it would be great to see you there.

Gord McKay
Feb 19, 2007

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