Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday September 4, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen

Well it may not have been hot but that was a great summer. Many people have stopped me and said that they could not recall when Midland had had so much summer fun -  Butter Tart Festival;  The Big Duck;  RibFest;  Zuchinni Mania – to name a few. My thanks to all the organizers for the “Summer of 17” and looking forward to more to come.

The Week Ahead

Tuesday September the 5th and students head back to the classroom. Please watch out for excited youngsters as you head out on Tuesday. I also head out to a meeting in Toronto with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. We are going to talk about the growth of the cruise ship industry in our area. 

This summer cruise ships have been visiting many ports around the Great Lakes with Midland receiving some 15 visits from two ships. The potential exists for 50-60 visits a year but challenges such as docking the ships in many ports and federal regulations restricting cruise ship operations on the Great Lakes need to be addressed. Minister McMahon is interested in helping us develop the industry. This meeting is a first step in a multi-year initiative.

At 7:00 pm it’s the Planning and Development Committee meeting at Town hall. A busy agenda including:

-       Zoning by-law amendment for 536 Dominion as they add a residential unit on the ground floor

-       Site plan for a new gas station at 9620 Highway 93

-       Start of the Official Plan amendment process for the development of the new Jarlette Long Term Care facility at 658 King Street

At 7:30 pm at the MCC it’s “A Day in the Life” featuring Tommy Ambrose. Tommy’s musical career launched at the age of 5 when he began singing at religious rallies for evangelist Charles Templeton. By 20, he was hosting “Cross Canada Hit Parade” on CBC TV and later “The Tommy Ambrose Show” on CBC TV. He found his niche in singing commercially, including “jingles” for Brylcreem, milk (the “mike moustache), Labatt’s, Wrigley’s gum, eggs (get crackin) and many other iconic commercials. This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Keewatin so all who buy a ticket will receive a free pass to visit the Keewatin.

Wednesday the 6th features an important public meeting as Council decides on the future of policing in Midland. Council looks forward to hearing from you. Please review the background information about the decision at  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm at NSSRC,

Week - End

Saturday September 9

12 noon – Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre Pow-Wow at Ste. Marie Park. All are welcome

Sunday September 10

12 noon – Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre Pow-Wow at Ste. Marie Park. All are welcome

1:30 pm – Suicide awareness commemoration at Midland Bay Landing Park, off of Bayshore

2:00 pm – Drumhead Ceremony to remember our war dead at Lakeview Cemetery

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Bruce Stanton and Patrick Brown sponsor their Shore Supper Fish Fry at the pavilion in Little Lake Park

Council Issues Update


Over the last six months the Town has invested significant time and energy in providing a fair assessment of the costs associated with going with the OPP or staying with the Midland Police. In developing this assessment the Town retained the services of an experienced consultant, called in outside specialists in legal matters, HR and pension/benefit costs, used our own financial staff to double check the numbers and contacted many other OPP municipalities to confirm the findings.  Those results have now been relayed to Council for its decision this Wednesday.

While there are numerous details supporting the analysis, the essence of Council’s decision will likely come down to the following facts:

1)     Both the MPS and OPP are quality police services and both are capable of policing Midland

2)     The OPP offers Midland a savings of approximately $6 million over ten years – all in. Operationally, the OPP will cost about $1 million dollars a year less than the MPS once the Town is brought into their regular costing model in year 4

3)     The OPP offer provides more front line officers than the MPS currently employs or expects to employ

4)     The MPS has been with the Town for over 100 years. The MPS arguably knows the community better. If the Town goes to OPP almost every officer is expected to transfer to the OPP.

The analysis and recommendations that Council will be receiving from the OPP Costing Committee are contained in the report at the following link.


Midland lost a good friend this past week. Julianna Matyas was an inspiring charismatic lady who worked tirelessly on behalf of children and the good of the community.  Julianna was always positive and looked on the bright side of life even as she battled cancer. She will be sorely missed.

Gord McKay

The Year for Getting It Done - 2017


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