Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday January 29, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen

Development in the downtown has been a hot topic of late. Two weeks ago nearly 100 citizens came out to see the second phase of the Downtown Master Plan unveiled.  The presentation can be seen at:

The downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA) has just announced the 2017 edition of their fa├žade improvement program, with grants up to $3,000. The Town’s Downtown Community Improvement Program (CIP) continues with grants up to $6,000.  And last week, Council declared the parking lot behind the downtown Chamber of Commerce surplus, clearing the way for an exciting new development.

Lots of activity underway, shaping our downtown to serve the merchants and people of Midland.

The Week Ahead

A relatively quiet start to the week.  Then things get busy on Wednesday February 1st.

From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the County Museum in Midhurst is the Affordable Housing Innovations Forum. This workshop brings together planners and politicians to identify new methods to solve the long standing shortfall in affordable housing.  If you wish to attend please RSVP the County at 705-735-6901.   

At 2:00 pm is a special Audit Committee meeting at Town Hall.  Following that at 3:30 pm at Town Hall is a meeting of the King Street Redesign Steering Committee.  They will be receiving the input from the recent public meeting and starting to decide on the work plan for downtown. Finally at 7:00 pm it’s the Planning and Development Committee.  A short agenda including a request to change the zoning at 438 Hugel from a duplex to a triplex.

On Thursday the four municipalities get together to exchange information about issues affecting our area. The agenda will include topics such as affordable housing and sharing of fire service resources.

Friday the 3rd starts in Orillia with a special meeting of the Simcoe County Healthcare Pilot.  This initiative, led by Warden Marshall, looks for better methods to deliver healthcare in the County.  Depending how this develops, Simcoe County may become a test bed for new service ideas that will help the province better manage its extensive healthcare operations and budget. Later that day I will be meeting with MPP Hoggarth about healthcare issues affecting the Midland area.  

At 4:00 pm grab your hockey stick and head downtown to take part in the annual BIA Downtown Road Hockey Game. A big thank-you to Poppas Pizza who will be providing free pizza. And sticking with the food theme, “Dinner in your Hands” will take place at Huronia Museum from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Both of these events are a prelude to the main weekend event – Winterfest.  Tuxxie (our penguin mascot) has spent the last year preparing an awesome line-up and is looking to see everyone there.  For a complete list of activities, please see:

Week - End

Saturday February 4th

-       Winterfest – all day

-       EDCNS holds its visioning session at Brooklea

Sunday February 5th

-       8:00 am to 6:00 pm Atom Hockey Tournament at the NSRC

Council Issues Update


As mentioned earlier, we will be receiving our OPP costing information on February 8th, at 6:00 pm in the Council chambers. A number of other communities are also in the process of receiving their costings. You can check out how they are doing with the links below.


For those of you who are still debating if you need to be getting more exercise in 2017, you will be pleased to know that “VeloFit: Indoor Cycling Studio” is about to open on Woodland Avenue in Midland.  Please visit them at   Another vote of business confidence in our community.

Gord McKay

The Year for Getting It Done - 2017


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