Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday October 30, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen

Well it’s getting to be that scary time of year – and I am not referring to the US election. Halloween weather looks excellent so get out and enjoy what is always a fun evening in Midland.

The Week Ahead

Monday 31st - Halloween. Rumor has it that some staff will be in costume. Is there anything more frightening than coming in and paying your taxes?

Tuesday moves us into the month of November, a month that gives us all pause to recall our fallen soldiers and veterans.  Please buy a poppy and wear it proudly to show your support. At 9:30 am I am back into training for Emergency Services as we continually prepare for any potential disaster that may befall our municipality.

Wednesday November 2nd starts with an internal meeting to discuss the issue of students smoking on Town property near St Ts. We will be looking for solutions that help reduce student smoking while ensuring local residents concerns are addressed.

At 5:15 pm at the Midland Library is the formative meeting of the Midland Youth Committee.  This Committee will play a key part in our town’s development by having young people participate in shaping their future community.  Thank you to Councillor Oschefski who is largely responsible for pulling this together.

At 6:00 pm there may be a special meeting of Council to discuss a number of recent requests of Council such as the Guesthouse and the Villa redevelopment. The special meeting has not yet been posted so check the Town website before you show up.  Regardless at 7:00 pm is the regular PDC. A short agenda including:

-       Draft Plan of Subdivision for 283 Barnett (the old St Ts property)

-       Draft Plan of Subdivision for storm water management on the Pratt lands (near Galloway).

On Thursday the 3rd is a special workshop on STORYTELLING IN THE DIGITAL AGE FOR NON PROFITS.  The event runs from 1:00 pm to 3:30 p.m. at the Midland Library. The workshop will show you how to create and deploy an engaging digital and social media storytelling campaign to enhance your targeted recruitment efforts. The cost is $25.00. Register on line at or contact Louise Sparrow 705-528-6999.

Friday November 4th sees the start of a new chapter for our Mountainview Mall. At 9:30 you are invited to join me at the re-opening of Maurices in their new mall location. Mall construction is just about completed with a target for full operation by Christmas. At 11:00 am at the Town is the Midland Bay Landing Steering Committee.  The Committee will consider the latest information from our development partners.

“Tim Finnegan, long-time resident of Midland, passed away recently. Well-known to many of the community, particularly the female members, Tim's wish was to invite all to his wake which will be celebrated at the Midland Cultural Centre, aka Murphy's Funeral Home, Public House, Post Office and Grocery Store.”   The MCC invites you to this fun evening of Irish entertainment. Please dress appropriately for a 1950's style wake, and plan to take part in the rituals as we give Tim a rip-roaring send-off.  Festivities begin at 7:30 pm at the MCC.

Week - End

Saturday November 5

·         North America's most authentic sounding CCR tribute band entertains you with GREEN RIVER REVIVAL at 7:30 pm at the MCC

Sunday November 6

·         Time to turn your clocks forward as we go to Standard Time.  


A reminder to get those nominations in for our Cultural awards. Your opportunity to recognize cultural leaders in four categories:

-       Emerging Talent

-       Excellence in Culture

-       Founders, Builders and Historical Contributors

-       Education in Culture

Submissions are required by November 1st. For more information visit or call Nicole at 526-4275 ext. 3206

The Town is undertaking a major reconstruction of the retaining wall at 615 Yonge Street, near the Javelin Co-op.  Construction starts November 7th and continues for about 3 months. Traffic on Yonge Street will be maintained but may be restricted from time to time.

Gord McKay

Your Year for Getting Aboard – Midland is on the Move - 2016


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