Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday April 3, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen

As all gardeners will attest, it’s great to get outside and get dirty again. Spring has arrived!

I will be attending Bayview Public School this Monday to be a reader in their Blue Spruce literacy program. Education is so important to our community. My sincere appreciation to all our good teachers and parents.

This Wednesday April 6th it’s all about planning.  At at the NSSRC is a Public Meeting on Planning Matters. Two items on the agenda:
-          a zoning amendment for the Moranis property on
King Street
-          a zoning amendment for the Recycling Industry Inc, application for Franke Kindred Rd.
Following that is the Planning and Development Committee.  An interesting agenda including;
-          the Employment Area Review.  The discussion will be interesting as there is no recommended staff position on key content.  Rather staff is asking the Committee to provide direction on eight topics, such as the “criteria for conversion of non-strategic employment areas”. (For a further comment on this matter, check my blog at )
-          discussion on renaming Little Lake Park Road for the Martels
-          update on the Urban Growth Node initiative

On Friday April 8th at at County Council Chambers in Midhurst you are invited to a presentation on the launch of the Canadian Index of Well Being – a measure of how we and our environment are getting along.

In closing, a note to help you follow Council. Items that come before Council must first be prepared by staff. The agendas showing what is being worked on are on our website. For example, you can see the upcoming Community Services agenda items at

Please vote every day for our hospital beds at

Gord McKay

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