Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday December 5, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Civitan folks organized a fabulous Santa Claus parade. And just in time - winter arrived today with a vengeance.

On Monday December 6th there are two special events, both starting at at the NSSRC. The first is a ceremony commemorating the Ecole Polytechnique slayings that occurred on this date. This special event also serves as a public expression of our abhorrence of violence against women.

The second event is the investiture of your new Midland Council. Your new Councillors will be taking their oaths of office and then telling you of some of their intentions for the coming term. All are welcome.

Then on Tuesday its right to work.  Your new Council will meet at at the NSSRC to debate and decide upon your municipal tax rate for 2011.

Wednesday December the 8th is the Planning Advisory Committee meeting. A number of interesting items including:
-          a report on the usage of our downtown parking for summer 2010
-          a discussion of the “Chew Portico” facing the Hillcrest nursing home
-          introduction of the public consultation documents for the Town’s Employment Lands study

And to round out the week you may want to drop into the Midland Area Reading Council’s Christmas reception on Friday December 10th from to at their office at
67 4th Street

Gord McKay

P.S. Please vote every day at  We need those hospital beds.

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