Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday June 8, 2008

Garbage! Right after the weather, the most popular topic for discussion this week was the mess on our streets as a result of the annual heavy waste pick-up. You have to believe that in 2008 we should be advanced beyond the point where we have to display mounds of trash on our streets for two weeks. Fortunately, two items may interest you:
- At this week’s General Committee meeting (see below) the Mayor will lead a discussion about the trash issue
- A private sector “Simcoe Product Stewardship” group has just been formed to change the way we generate and dispose of trash in Simcoe County. If you want to be part of the solution, please give me a call.

This Monday at 7 pm at the Town, the General Committee (“Written Comment”) meets to discuss many interesting matters:
- Funding for the Downtown (SOS) street-workers program
- Setting our tax rate guidelines for 2009
- Further review of the Rotary Trail location

The Midland Heritage Committee meets on Tuesday the 10th this week. You can be sure the Drummond Wall situation will be discussed. Please contact the Town (526-4275) for the meeting location.

On the environmental front, the SHARE (renewable and alternate) energy group will be holding its annual general meeting on Thursday June 12th at 6:30 at Wye Marsh.

And don’t forget to attend Party on the Dock, starting at 6:30 on Friday June 20 at the Midland Town Dock. Rotary throws a great party.

Gord McKay

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