Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday February 10, 2008

Have you noticed – 6:00 pm and it is still light. Almost time to start thinking about gardening.

Last week’s PAC meeting agreed to re-zoning the lands at 846-850 Hartman Drive. The developer (Shelter Now) intends to build transitional housing to help alleviate Midland’s need for affordable housing. The Public Hearing (You May Speak) will take place on Wednesday March 5th at 7:00 pm at the Town.

After last week’s budget meeting we are headed towards a 3.2% municipal tax increase – 3.6% when you include the County portion. And since we have no property reassessment this year (unless you improved your property) you can now determine what your 2008 taxes will be.

The Committee of Council meets this Monday at 7:00 pm. (Written Comment). A number of items:
- The Severn Sound Environmental Authority (SSEA) will present a proposal to study our Little Lake and prepare a usage plan for the Town. (SSEA is a federal/provincial/municipal organization charged with sustaining environmental quality in our region. Midland pays them an annual fee.)
- Our Community Services department has a number of interesting events:
- a free family skate on our new public holiday, February 18th
- talks have started for a new soccer field
- a Little Lake event called “Woof –Fest” in August
- a revised plan for a wakeboard event in Little Lake, likely in July.
- A request by our bus transit authority to review fares

Gord McKay

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