Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday January 27, 2008

The work of the Town never ceases. So I apologize if this e-mail is a bit longer than most.

I am often asked by residents if they can speak at Town meetings. Frankly there is no simple answer. So in future I will annotate my e-mails to tell you what you can expect at a meeting. First of all, Town meetings are open to you unless they are closed by a motion of Council. This does not happen often so please feel free to attend. Now:
1) Town Council meetings do not allow you to speak. You may contact the Clerk in advance and ask to make a deputation. You will then be scheduled into the meeting. (“Deputation Only”)
2) Most other Town meetings typically do not allow you to speak. Your speaking is at the discretion of the Chair. You may, however, write your views to the Chair of the meeting. (“Written Comment”)
3) A few meetings invite you to speak. These are Public Meetings, as advertised in the paper, and the Planning Advisory Committee meeting (at present). (“You May Speak”)
Hope this change helps you better participate in our Town meetings.

The big meeting of the week is the Town Council meeting this Monday January 28th at 7:00 pm. (Deputation Only).

Among the more interesting items:
The Snowmobile Committee will deliver its “final” recommendations to Council. It will be up to Council to decide where this goes next.

The group proposing the Wakeboard event at Little Lake Park will be back, hopefully with some good news.

A deputation will be made regarding the walking trail placement through the Captain’s Cove development. Some residents have expressed a concern about having the trail in their back-yard.

Council will consider passing a by-law to request $2.4 million from the Provincial infrastructure program for our library expansion.

And last but not least, Council will debate what salaries the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors should all be receiving in the days ahead.

The Town budget process is about to get interesting. The next meeting is February 5th at 6 pm at the Town (Written Comment). With most of the review completed, the meeting should get down to setting a near final budget and hence your tax rate for 2008.

Finally a few closing items:

There is talk of a Bass Tournament coming to Town in early September. The Chamber of Commerce seems to be taking the lead on this one.

Midland Winterfest is scheduled for next weekend. Please get out there and enjoy this great place we call home.

Our first Family Day is Monday Feb 18th. Most stores will be closed in Midland. Please check with your merchant.

Gord McKay

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