Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday October 1st 2007

Just a quick note.

Two interesting meetings tonight October 1st at Town Hall. Councillor Jeffery will start off at 7pm to discuss what the Town is going to be doing about the proposal from the two social outreach workers the Town hired this summer. Ideally we will hear where the Town stands on funding/participating in social service delivery in Midland.

Right after that the Mayor will broach the affordable housing issue. This will be the first meeting on the topic so little forward progress is likely. But we should begin to understand how likely the Town is to committing to getting involved in the issue.

The next Pesticide meeting is October 18th.

And if I can be permitted to promote a favourite group – The Huronia Foundation for the Arts will be hosting its inaugural dinner October the 20th. This will be a showcase for our local artists. Please e-mail me if you need tickets or information.

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