Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday June 19 2007

Summer is here and life is busy in the Town.

The Site 41 issue is looking like it is coming to a head. As reported in the press, recommendations have been made to start work on the Site 41 local roads and storm water pond. County Council of the Whole will review and may vote on the matter on June 26. Ray Millar, of the citizen’s monitoring committee has asked me to pass along the attached notice of meeting.

“The Concerned Citizens of Site 41 would like to invite all interested parties to attend an information event, held at the Wyebridge Community Center, 8340 Highway 93, Wyebridge, Ontario, Saturday, June 23 at 10:00 am.”

Should be an interesting one.

This Thursday at 7:00 pm the Town will start the public discussion on the use of pesticides. It should also be an interesting meeting as people will be able to present their views on this contentious issue. If you wish to deputate, please call the Town (526-4275) in advance.

And lastly, Friday the 27th will see the farewell dinner for our CAO Mr. Fred Flood., a man who has served the Town long and well. I believe tickets are still available until this Friday at the Town office. And not surprisingly, I expect to here the name of our new CAO announced this week.

Gord McKay

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