Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday December 15, 2007

The last week before Christmas and the business of the Town is starting to slow down before the break. The Town offices are closed from December 24th to January 1st inclusive.

The last big meeting will be the Council meeting this Monday at 7:30 pm. And it promises to be interesting.
- The Town will debate what to do with the social worker program that has been in our downtown for about six months. Simply put the Town does not have the money ($80,000 to $100,000 per annum) and other funding sources are reticent to come forward. At best we are likely to see an extension for the next quarter.
- Kirk Ruston and George Kontos will make a plea for the wakeboard event they are proposing for Little Lake. The major issue they have run into so far has been the environmental concern. This issue should challenge Council.
- A summary will be presented of our budget deliberations. Your Council has met twice to look at costs, with a draft final budget to be ready by the end of February. The perennial problem remains – it all comes down to the taxpayer.

For those looking into the New Year, the next Pesticide Committee meeting is set for January 10 at 7pm. The Snowmobile Committee meeting will take place shortly thereafter – date to be announced.

On a non-Town note the Out of the Program started December 1st. We are seeing a similar level of use as last year. The guys appreciate the new shelter at Knox church and understand that the people of Midland are reaching out to them. Feels like Christmas.

My very best wishes to you for Christmas and 2008.

Gord McKay